Chemical Processes and Materials is the open-access international peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality research articles in the field of a multidisciplinary chemistry including:

  • analytical chemistry (development of methods to control substances during various chemical processes and results of important measurements);
  • inorganic chemistry (processes involving inorganic compounds; obtaining inorganic materials);
  • organic and polymer chemistry (processes involving organic compounds; obtaining organic materials);
  • physical chemistry and electrochemistry (reaction mechanisms, kinetics, thermodynamics, electrochemical processes and materials);
  • colloid and nano chemistry (obtaining colloid systems and nanomaterials);
  • environmental and agricultural chemistry (chemical processes in the environment and agriculture);
  • biochemistry (chemical processes in living organisms);
  • mathematical and quantum chemistry (modelling of chemical processes, prediction of properties of materials);
  • any other fields related to the study of chemical processes and materials.

One of the key milestones of the journal is to provide scientists with an efficient and inexpensive platform for open-access publication of high-quality articles. Articles submitted to the Journal in 2016, will not be charged any fees. The journal does not aim at obtaining profits and have a good support from founders and sponsors.